Backflow Installation, Testing and Repair Service


All  Backflow valves with test cocks are required to be tested with a minimum frequency of once per year. Testing requires a water shutdown usually lasting five (5) to twenty (20) minutes. For facilities that require an uninterrupted supply of water, and when it is not possible to provide water service from two separate meters, provisions shall be made for a “parallel installation” of a backflow preventer.
Multi-story buildings that have a number of flush-o-meter toilets should be equipped with parallel assemblies. Experience has shown that if the water supply is shut off to this type of building, flush-o-meters may have to be manually reset. During testing, one assembly is left on while the other is being tested. Usually the two assemblies are sized one device size smaller than the service line, e.g. one 2-inch device or two 1½-inch devices, one 8- inch device or two 6-inch devices. unprotected bypass around a backflow assembly when the assembly is in need of testing, repair, or replacement is forbidden.


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