Certified Backflow Testers in NJ by DEP

At Backflow Compliance, we’re a leading certified provider of local backflow testing services in NJ, including backflow preventer repair, backflow preventer installation, and more.

Below is a list of our colleagues, who are also backflow testers in NJ who are fully certified by the DEP:


Backflow Preventer Testers NJ and NY

Backflow Services

Our Backflow Prevention Services Backflow Compliance provide backflow prevention testing services throughout New Jersey and New York State

Backflow Inspection Services

We provide full backflow inspection services including installation of new backflow preventers repair and annual

Backflow Prevention Testing

We provide the lowest cost Backflow Prevention Testing in NJ Our Backflow Prevention testing repairs

Backflow Repair Services

We provide Backflow Repair Services in NJ for any model of backflow prevention valves We carry the

Backflow Prevention Videos

The following are backflow prevention testing videos that will explain the purpose and operations

Sewer Backflow Preventer

Looking for sewer backflow preventer installation companies in New Jersey Call us today at