Backflow Installation, Testing and Repair Service

  All  Backflow valves with test cocks are required to be tested with a minimum frequency of once per year. Testing requires a water shutdown usually lasting five (5) to twenty (20) minutes. For facilities that require an uninterrupted supply of water, and when it is not possible to provide water service from two separate meters, provisions shall be made for a “parallel installation” of a backflow preventer. Multi-story buildings that have a number of flush-o-meter toilets should be equipped with parallel assemblies. Experience has shown that if the water supply is shut off to this type of building, flush-o-meters may have to be manually reset. During testing, one […]

How to Stay in Compliance with Backflow Regulations

Backflow prevention valves are subject to corrosion that may lead to failure. Annual testing of backflow prevention assemblies is required to ensure proper functioning of the assemblies and the safety of our water supply. Backflow  valves must be tested annually by a certified backflow prevention tester. If the valve fails, it must be repaired or replaced and tested again to ensure it functions properly. Upon successful completion of the test a Backflow Assembly Test Report must be submitted to the Cross Connection Control program in your town. All costs associated with backflow prevention assembly maintenance are the responsibility of the customer.   […]

Backflow Valves, What Do They Look Like?

From time to time clients contact us and ask us questions about the kinds of valves, locations, sizes etc..  Here are some photos that can help some of you to get an idea of the different types of backflow valves. If you have any more questions, always feel free to contact us at any time. Have a wonderful day! The Backflow Compliance Team.