Common Problems Found During Backflow Testing

Many homes and commercial buildings in New Jersey have a backflow preventer valve installed. These devices are designed to prevent mixing between contaminated water sources and the municipal clean water supply, and are usually installed in areas where those pipes might cross-connect. Backflow preventer valves are commonly used on properties that have large boilers, fire suppression systems, or irrigation systems, which tend to create an elevated risk of backflow. Backflow itself results from pressure differences, causing water to move in the wrong direction and contaminate the potable supply. If you have a backflow valve installed, you’re required to have professional […]

When is a Backflow Preventer Required?

Backflow prevention assemblies are designed to prevent contaminated water from mixing into clean municipal water supplies, which are usually used as drinking water. Contaminants like sediments, bacteria, and fertilizer are a major public health hazard, so in New Jersey, there are regulations in place that require certain buildings to have backflow preventers installed. What is “Backflow”? Simply put, “backflow” means that water flows in the plumbing system have become reversed, causing potable water– clean water you can drink– to mix into the used water, which contains bacteria, chemicals, and other harmful contaminants. Usually, water backflow results from one of two […]

Understanding Backflow Testing in NJ

Are you due for your annual backflow testing? If you have a backflow prevention device installed in your home or business, you’re probably required by various state and local legislation, such as the New Jersey Clean Water Act, to have professional backflow testing done at least once a year. At Backflow Testing NJ, we provide local homes and businesses with thorough backflow prevention device testing, ensuring that everything’s working correctly to keep bacteria, pesticides, and other contaminants out of the clean public water supply. What is Backflow Prevention? Backflow prevention valves are built into the plumbing systems of many New […]


The following list are owners of properties that pose an actual or potential risk of contamination to the City’s water supply. This includes property with any of, but not limited to, the following facilities: ™Medical, dental offices and laboratories ™ Swimming Pools Funeral homes  Wells Sewage treatment or handling Booster Pumps Dry-Cleaning establishments ™ Water Storage Tanks Chemicals used in processing, e.g., photo finishing, dye plants, etc. Metal Manufacturing, Cleaning, Processing or Fabricating Plants ™ Multiple water services ™ Poultry Processing ™ Commercial or public kitchens ™ Water Cooled Equipment or Chillers ™ Beauty Salons or Barber Shops ™ Heat Exchangers with Water […]

I Received a Backflow Letter…What Should I Do Next?

Have you received an inquiry letter from your town requiring you to provide a back flow testing certificate? Have you applied for a building permit that requires you to complete backflow testing before you receive the certificate of occupancy? This is all part of the local towns DEP to protect the public water from contamination. The towns are spending millions to maintain pure water and they want to prevent contamination from entering the water systems from external sources. The backflow preventer valve is made for this. Usually you have 30 days to reply and provide the town’s DEP with the […]

Backflow Compliance is Now Certified for Backflow Prevention Testing all of the 50 States

We are happy to announce that Backflow Compliance has passed all the requirements to provide backflow prevention inspection and testing services in the entire 50 states.  We would be happy to serve you as a commercial property  owner or real estate management company under our umbrella to conduct your initial or annual backflow testing. Our backflow testing includes the testing and all of the paperwork that is necessary to submit to your town or DEP.  We can inspect your building at your convenience and are available from the same day to the same week.  Please contact us if you have […]

Backflow Testing Prices Backflow Prevention Device Testing in New Jersey Backflow Prevention Testing Cost

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Backflow Valve – Do You Have to Have One?

All commercials buildings  in NJ & NYC must have a backflow device on the incoming water main. A building that also houses other stores such as restaurants, dry cleaners, dentists, etc… need to have a backflow device in place. Backflow devices need to be installed by a licensed plumber. If the business is already in place, the city wants you to install it on every building that may have a risk of contaminating the water supply in the event of a water pressure loss.   If you have any questions feel free to contact us at: 201-540-0980