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What is a Backflow?

A backflow is the reversal of the normal water directions within the piping that might cause a negative pressure and suck materials/liquids, causing drinking water contamination. This could cause a serious health hazard to use this contaminated water for drinking, cooking, or bathing purposes.

Why and how often does a Backflow Preventer need to be tested?backflow-testing-preventer-NJ-NY-2

Backflow preventer is a mechanical device with moving parts that prevent contamination of the water by installing the valve in a cross connection. This prevents the contamination of public water. Water companies put numerous amounts of monies and resources to protect public water. Installing and having well operating backflow valves is important to protect the public water.

Backflow preventer is likely to break at some point, just like any mechanical device and according to the laws you need to check it at least once a year by a certified backflow tester that is licensed within the state, NJ, NY, or any other state.

What is the Cost of Backflow Testing?

The cost depends mainly on the size of your backflow but when we calculate the price, the amount of backflows that need to be tested are also taken into account. After the first backflow valve, every additional backflow valve test’s cost will be reduced significantly as we are already in the field.

Our prices are very competitive and we consider as even the lowest in the industry. Please give us a quick call and we would be happy to give you the price.

What is a Backflow Preventer?backflow-testing-preventer-NJ-NY

A backflow preventer is a plumbing device that acts as a valve and is located at the cross-connections of a main water line. The backflow preventer valve needs to be installed in every home with an irrigation system. For commercial and industrial properties it needs to be installed within the fire sprinkler system on the main water supply line.

What is the Process to Test a Backflow Valve?

A backflow test requires one to check pressures within the backflow connections. We connect pressure gauges to each side of the backflow valve and we get the reading to ensure that the pressures are within the guidelines. Backflow testing requires shutting off the water for a short time.

We schedule the backflow testing with you just in case you need to use the water within your business during certain times. Just give us a call and we would be happy to work out a schedule at your convenience before or after working hours.

What if the Backflow Test Fails?

If the backflow testing fails we will check the reason of failure. Most of the time there is a repair kit that can replace the broken or non-functional parts. Usually it takes no more than a couple of hours, depending on the kind of backflow valve that needs reparation.

I Received a Letter from my Town’s DEP – What Should I Do?

If you received inquiry letter from your town or the DEP, it is because you need to conduct backflow testing within 30 days. Please contact us ASAP so that we may schedule a time that is convenient for you to stop by and conduct the backflow testing.

What if I Don’t Perform the Backflow Testing?

Backflow testing is required by law and it’s aim is to protect the public water and the public’s safety. If you received a letter, you must conduct the test within the 30 days given, otherwise you will receive a warning letter. After the second note, they may shut off your water.

Also if you applied for a certificate of occupancy for a new building renovation or sold/purchased a building, you will need to conduct a backflow test to receive final approval.

How Many Backflow Valves does my Property Contain?

The numbers of backflow valves within your property depends on the kind of systems (fire, sprinklers, water) and the size of your property. We offer a free analysis for new costumers and visit for free to look around to check the backflows and advise as to what needs to be done. Just give us a call at 201-540-0980 and we would be happy to help you.

Where is My Backflow Valve?

Your backflow valve or the backflow valves in a facility are usually located next to a main water supply and also next to the main water shut off supply valve. It can also be located on the water supply line of your irrigation system and fire sprinkler system.

If you do not know where it is located, this is fine. We can stop by at no charge, show you where, advise you as to what needs to be done, and the cost associated with the backflow testing. We can even conduct the testing at the same time while we are on site.

How to Install a New Backflow Preventer for a Sprinkler System?

A water sprinkler is a necessity during the summer heat for many gardens and lawns. A backflow preventer installation is easy if you are familiar with the water lines in your home, know what a backflow preventer is, and follow these simple steps.

By law, you are required to have a backflow preventer in your home that prevents dirty or contaminated water from entering the public water supply. Your backflow preventer is attached to the main water supply line of your home. If your backflow preventer is not functioning, you will first need to replace it before installing your new sprinkler system. (By town mandates and the DEP, this will need to be done regardless of whether you need a sprinkler.)

  • For replacement of the backflow preventer, first switch off the water supply to the main line and open the valves of the backflow preventer to drain any excess liquids.
  • Loosen the bolts on either side of the backflow preventer and the air-gap catch basin screw to remove the device from its position.
  • In the same manner, you will install your new backflow preventer, ensuring that its position follows in place with the water flow indicators.

Your sprinkler system is now ready to be attached to your home’s main water supply line and the new backflow preventer. Screw the hose in place and your lawn and garden will look once again, new and fresh, at just a fraction of the cost. Just don’t forget to turn the water supply line back on!

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