Understanding Backflow Testing in NJ

Backflow prventer testingAre you due for your annual backflow testing? If you have a backflow prevention device installed in your home or business, you’re probably required by various state and local legislation, such as the New Jersey Clean Water Act, to have professional backflow testing done at least once a year. At Backflow Testing NJ, we provide local homes and businesses with thorough backflow prevention device testing, ensuring that everything’s working correctly to keep bacteria, pesticides, and other contaminants out of the clean public water supply.

What is Backflow Prevention?

Backflow prevention valves are built into the plumbing systems of many New Jersey homes and businesses, usually those with large boilers, fire suppression systems, or lawn irrigation systems. Available from manufacturers like Apollo ValvesAqua Shield, and Flomatic, these specialized valves prevent contaminants from these water systems from getting into the municipal water supply under certain conditions, such as a burst water main, low pressure in the water mains or building plumbing system, or even the sudden use of a nearby fire hydrant. Sudden, drastic changes in water pressure can cause the water from irrigation and fire suppression systems to flow back into the main water supply.

A backflow preventer valve is designed to dump out this water safely. This prevents bacteria in standing water from fire suppression sprinklers and boilers, as well as fertilizers and chemical pesticides from irrigation systems, from contaminating clean drinking water.

To protect public water supplies, it’s important for some homes and buildings to not only have a backflow preventer installed, but to have annual backflow testing performed to make sure it’s working correctly.

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